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How to Know When It's Time for a New Commercial HVAC System


If you operate an indoor commercial establishment of any kind, you rely heavily on your HVAC system. You must maintain a comfortable interior environment for staff and visitors alike and could quickly run into problems if the system is not working as it should. But how do you know if your current installation is still fit for the purpose, and how do you know when it's best to get a new one?

Inspecting Your System

As an HVAC system is so dynamic and relies on so many moving parts, it's always a good idea to schedule regular maintenance. This type of work can be proactive, and a technician can always keep an eye on the system and advise when it is likely to fail. Yet, even so, there are ways for you to figure out if your current system is on its last legs and may need to be replaced.

Dissecting Your Bill

Have a look at your current energy bill and compare it to previous quarters. You may have to make adjustments for seasonality or increases in taxes, but if you find that it is unusually high, it could be that your HVAC system is becoming inefficient. Remember, in many commercial environments, the HVAC system uses the lion's share of electricity, so this is a good early indicator.

Fretting about Noises

Have you heard some strange noises, especially when the HVAC system springs to life? Any screeching or grinding noises could indicate a major malfunction, and your system could fail shortly. You need to bring in a technician to see if they can resolve the issue immediately or tell you that routine maintenance is not enough.

Worrying about Smells

You may also need to worry if you notice any strange odours. In this case, they may affect the quality of your indoor air and could put everyone at risk. In some cases, strange smells indicate that your HVAC system is inefficient and may be in need of new equipment.

Replacing Up-To-Date Equipment

If your equipment is rather old, you can be sure that a new installation will be far more efficient. After all, technology improves at an amazing rate, and the materials used to build a new HVAC installation are far superior today. Therefore, you may find it advantageous to fit a new commercial HVAC system in any case, as you may be able to control your usage more effectively once you've done so. This could lead to lower utility bills and greater savings over time.

What to Do Next

Talk with your HVAC contractor and discuss your options. They'll inspect your current system and give you their professional advice about what to do next. For more information on commercial HVAC installation, contact a professional near you.


13 October 2022